Saturday, June 13, 2009

Sir Banks A Lot

I met Ercaderk, J.diaz, and knoxy at this park along Memorial Drive. Erc gapped to roll immediately.

Then mono rolled it with a grab.

Then Justin did pretty much the same thing but on the kink railing.

Then soul to...


The blade adventures began after devastating the habitat with hot deals and pulls. We unintentionally found ourselves blading hella banks.

Woods getting juiced at Rindge & Latin which has hella new ledges that are capped.

Starting things off proper with a pencil air dedicated to pencil legs.

Double knee grab the channel.

Movie set action shot excluding hose prop.

Dick Maul approves.

Eric frontside cessing an exclusive bank at Harvard.

This can be found somewhere in MA.

Bank to wall stall to forward into the bank.

This one was to fakie.

sleazy pole bonk


  1. sick pictures Justin's makio is steezy and ercaderk's fish on the curve green rail super nice.very nice post

  2. i'd love to skate that first kink. nice skating fellas