Saturday, June 6, 2009

the blade adventures of ian and russ

I rode my two wheeler with blades on back to North Station to meet Ru$$ who had traveled from Lowell by locomotive. I advised an exploration of the back of a nearby building and we spotted this "Go Celtics" barrier.

We began with some basics then Russ pulled this backside roy to sign bonk.

Next move was a short blade down the harbor walk to some natty launches to do lui kangs and what not.

We ventured into the bridge after some hot deals in the North End. I showed Ru$$ the sewer that ate the Ragone bone fone and the gone baby rail was across the way so we figured we'd blade that jawn.

This is by the door by the rail.

Can't blade the bridge without shredding this old fav.

...and Anna's, had to hit that up also.

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