Thursday, June 4, 2009

another day, another dollar

Today started off bad. I dropped my Jeep off at the local garage to get an oil change and then the mechanic called 30 minutes later to tell me that I needed 2 new tire rods. So I talked to the guy and told him to get me a price and call me back. Within 10 minutes I was back on the phone with the mechanic and he told me $145 for the 2 tire rods. I said okay, do it, at this point I needed my skate mobile.

The day turned around when my boss's got a ton of food from Omaha Steakhouse and we had an amazing cookout. Thank you Steve, Adam and Jim, you guys are the best. After stuffing myself with steak, burgers and hot dogs, I was in no mood to blade after work. I got a call from Kev Phan, he wanted to blade so I thought about it and was like what the hell I need to burn off all that food I ate. K-Phan, Sam and myself bladed 2 decent wooden skateparks in NH and had a decent amount of fun. After that, I really can't say this was a bad day at all.

K-Phan flying thru the air with a 540 ( sorry no view of the launch)

K-phan is a hardcore biker dude

My dog Penny might be a future skater pup

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