Saturday, January 31, 2009

harper's weekly

saw these in a rack of harper's weekly pages from the 1920s in an old bookstore in saratoga springs, ny.

they're short some cake.

all i need is

today was going to be two days ago,
but snow turned wednesday into friday,
and then friday nearly evaporated too.
but i grabbed its balls as they swung past,
and here's the report.

[you can buy ears, noses, & lips at the dollar store.]
[and then take pictures of yourself.]

[andy is king. andy's beard is the king's beard.]
[i formally apologize to andy for lateness.]
[but will recidivize, indubitably.]

alright. part of the point was to try out & review chen's new solos.
(chen's sponsored by RB.)
i think a review will be made eventually,
so i won't say much.
but i think the consensus was basically
like they looked online, they're fitness boots with giant widebody souls stapled to the sides.
but i guess some people will like them.
hey, they're cheap.

[chen's skates. he swapped frames & liners immediately.]

still, chen was doing stuff. i just have stills from too-dark footage. but here's a fishbrain:

here's everyone laughing at the skates.
except mark, who's thinking about handrails. & grinding them.

the footage is too dark for stills. but here you can tell andy is breakdancing. he did this out of an alleyoop fishbrain, which is skillful.

and then chen, andy, blong, & mark went to grind handrails while i went to get my skates. and then chen had to go to dinner early or something so he bailed. and then i guess blong & mark realized the weather & wetness were making things stupid, so they bailed. and andy bailed too, by default i guess. this might be (but probably isn't) a good time to point out that andy has a sweet binary watch, which only he can read. it looks like a circuit board with red lights. anyway, they called & said they weren't skating anymore, and which made me feel justified for having spent 20 minutes online when i was supposed to just be grabbing my skates. i ate a cheap frozen bagel, drank a dr pepper, and made plans to solo BSCC. but then tom called & wanted to BSCC too. so we did that, and it was great.

here's the first spot, this really tight place called the Boston Symphony. everyone should skate here, it's a blast.

[darkside makio to ledge to gap to royale to hop forward makio.]
[if you enjoyed Where's Waldo, you might like trying to find the 2 bikes in this picture.]

["pop a squat."]

then we went somewhere else. oh yeah we went across the street, and looked at the kink-turning drop kink rail, and all the ways it could murder you. and then met up with tom's erin, and went to this one place where we thought a horrendous jackhammer would keep us safe. but the neighbors called security on us for being disturbing. despite the huge jackhammer. and then grey rail blew. and then we were going to quit but then we thought of this place:

[wallride, hop to street.]

[tom adding velocity.]

[bank to backside through the kink-turn to wallride/bank in the foreground.]

and that was that, and that was time to go get chocolate cake. but it was 12:35, and the cheesecake factory closed at 12:30, and crap. but there was shaw's! and check it out:

[erin and CAKE.]

[and CAKE.]

we all got slices of triple chocolate cake, and milk from the milk section and forks & cups from the deli area. the cake was $2 a slice! but it wasn't the best - the icing was the good part about it. the cake itself was kind of dry and boring. but that's okay - $3 for chocolate cake and milk! BSCCing on a budget. hey.

we ended up eating in the food court at the prudential, with the cleaning people cleaning around us. i took out my paper plate with competition brainstormings on it, and we thought about the contest together. one spot i wrote down was "bank to bank to ledge." if anyone knows what i meant by that, please let me know. right as we were finishing that, a security guard with bloodshot eyes came & kicked us out. tom noted that one can receive the boot for biking, skating, or chocolate caking, and tom's note is empirically correct.

that was the end, so this is the end. i'll make an edit, i think, maybe. tom's trick is good, and i have this great shot of the bakery. i shouldn't waste them.

[a cake we didn't eat.]


Girls Pants

Clip A Day Four from Bike Skate Chocolate Cake on Vimeo.

Friday, January 30, 2009


Clip A Day Number Three from Bike Skate Chocolate Cake on Vimeo.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

bike skate bake a cake

New BSCC Header by Dylan Shippee!

oven mitts :: urban myths

Which One Is Unnatural?

Clip A Day Number Two from Bike Skate Chocolate Cake on Vimeo.

Revenge for Bicyclists: Handlebar Key Plugs

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

it's snowing out and i am still going biking

I have today off due to the snow and I am bored out of my mind. Going for a snowy ride on a mountian bike or I might get on my bike trainer for a while.

wow. well.

if anybody wants this, i know a guy . . .

Clip A Day Number One

Clip A Day Number One from Bike Skate Chocolate Cake on Vimeo.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Saturday Session: Bittercold Biking

I met up with Tom, Blong, and Mark on Saturday afternoon for some bike, skate, chocolate cake action. I arrived first with my leg half frozen because I had my pant leg rolled up.

So I decided to snap some pics of my setups :)

Tom arrives shortly after I do. He is obviously better prepared than I am with his layer of sweatpants under his pants...good thinkin.

Gettin ready to roll

Brian and Mark had to take the T to the spot cuz Mark doesn't have a bike yet. I don't know what the hell happened, but I had a ton of issues with my camera. First I notice this smudge on my lens that I can't seem to clean off, so you can see it in all the pictures. Then after less than 5 minutes of use, the battery dies...I blame it on the cold.

Here are the only pics I got from the session. Please pardon my shitty camera skills.

Blong - Top Acid

Blong- Top Acid 2

Mark - Tru Miz

Mark, Tom, and Blong laced the hell outa this spot. This was pretty much the only spot we hit up. We went over to Heavens but that shit was iced over. We spent some time on the Newbury rail where Mark got down with some serious tricks to warm up. Few minutes later we called it a day. Me and Tom decided to hit up Trident to grab some chocolate cake to end the session.

Tom's cake and soy milk

So Trident now has a new chocolate cake. Their new cake is a lot thicker and richer than the old one; less sponge cake and more chocolate thickness...yummm. Overall the cake was pretty good, but got super filling towards the end. We really slowed down before we could finish off the last few bites of the cake. Took me 2 tall glasses of milk to get through it all.

All in all, the session was good, and the new cake at Trident was a pleasant surprise. Only downside was the 5 mile ride home in what felt like negative degree temperature.


Introducing myself

My name is Russ and I love to bike and skate. I deal with bikes as a 2nd job/hobby. I buy, fix and resell bikes. At the moment, since single speeds and fixies are popular, I am building a bike from the ground up out of an old 1980's Phillips road bike. Custom paint and parts for this bike. I hope to have it ready for the BSCC comp. I will be posting pics along the process of this custom job. If anyone is looking for an affordable bike I most likely have something for you. Here's a collection of some of the bikes I've sold and some I kept

Monday, January 26, 2009

Two Hats Are Better Than One?

Saturday, January 24, 2009

friday jan. 23rd: 1 and 2 half-man bscc (the one when i ate a whole cake & got diabetes)

hi, i'm ben
friday night i guess i was kind of hell bent on some bscc
so i got some bscc
ian also got some bs, but left out the cc
and k phan got some s and a little bit of cc, but no b.

downtown for the biking and skating,
stop & shop discount rack and ian's floor for the chocolate caking.
i'll put up an edit in a while, when i'm not sleep deprived.
for now, here're photos.

HERE'S THE EDIT!!! wmv. vimeo.





Friday, January 23, 2009

Don't be a poser