Tuesday, March 31, 2009

the hard part is over

Just got my custom bike back from Chelmsford Cyclery last week and I am excited to see the hard part is over. I had the rear rim, bottom bracket, crank, chain and a flip flop hub installed. Hopefully the rest of this build will go smoothly. I would like to thank Malcom and everyone at Chelmsford Cyclery who helped out on this project.

New Crank

Flip flop hub, new chain

the other side of the hub

new rear rim

summertime means leather hats

Cleep Uv Dae Nmmmmr fiftyate from Bike Skate Chocolate Cake on Vimeo.

oops i almost forgot
johnny o can jump over his nipples

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

bike, skate, no cake

Some old film pics from BSB 2008

Ian rocking his bike

Adam O'Brien (AOB) - front nugen

Tim Shapiro - Backslide

this one has johnny o in it

Cleep Uv Dae Nmmmmr phettee tree from Bike Skate Chocolate Cake on Vimeo.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Monday, March 23, 2009

Some new pics

Just got some film developed over the weekend from the past month or so.

Russ - Topsoul

Doo Rag Dave - Backside Torque

Tim Shapiro - Backside Royal

oh, lick your butt

Cleep Uv Dae Numbah Feevy-DREEEEE from Bike Skate Chocolate Cake on Vimeo.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Clip A Ways

We have decided to end our 'Clip A Day' format indefinitely and switch to an 'Edit A Week' format because apparently (according to blanks):

-no one cares about our site, plus we just suck.

-not even fun to watch. People are laughing at us, not with us.

-we need new material that doesn't consist of "Ben Price skating in his neon green booty shorts or his uber gay ass red pants"

-BSCC crew consists of the top 5 worst dudes in Boston

-and we are all way too busy posting as blank to get any clips

Refer to the riskatecrew.com messageboard for further information

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the big 5 Oh

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Friday, March 13, 2009

let's hear it for


gonna put it on youtube

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SPD pedals and shoes

SPD pedals are clip-less pedals that click into a specially designed cleat. I wanted to do this review for sometime now because I use SPD pedals on 3 of my bikes and there's a certain reason they're on each bike. I have them on 2 of my road bikes and a pair on my front suspension Marin mountain bike. The pedals work sort of simple, you line them up with the bracket on the bottom of the cleat and step down to lock in. To get out of the pedal you have to twist your heel away from the bike.

Using these pedals on a road bike enhances the comfort of the ride so you feel more one with the bike . These pedals work amazing on my Marin hard tail MTB bike, helping me keep speed on dirt trails and making bunny hops a cinch. On the other hand, I put a pair of these on my full suspension downhill mountain bike and I was bombing down a rocky hill and I couldn't get out of the pedals fast enough and I took a nasty spill. After the fall I swapped them out for regular platform pedals.

If this is something that you are interested in upgrading to, a lot of online bicycle shops will offer deals with shoes and pedals for a reasonable price. Overall, these pedals could be a major upgrade in a bike's performance and make riding more enjoyable.

Sidi SPD bicycle shoes

A roller blade like strap and buckle

Shimano SPD MTB pedals

Locked in


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thank you for your skates

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Another Ian, Erca, and Kphan spotting.

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My winter bike

For the winter months in New England I use an early 90's Bridgestone MB-6 hardtail mountian bike. I got this bike at a yard sale for cheap money and all it needed was a simple tune up. The bike came with a bike rack mounted to the rear wheel but I found this useless and removed it. I added a cycle pro gel seat, a powder coated watter bottle rack, and a WTB primal raptor rear tire. This is the bike I ride in the pouring rain, snow storms or freezing cold just to get out there and ride.

Original booklets


#5) Sicilia's (Comm. Ave. in Boston)

Hmm. [See below. And then:] I figured, "why risk it? eat one now!" So I did. They way overcharged me for a skinny slice of pre-made, almost-stale chocolate cake. It was really chocolatey, but not particularly rich. It was covered in mediocre semisweet chocolate chips, and the cake itself was hardly noticable. Bad. This thing can keep the new RBs company in the anals [sic] of BSCC reviews.

some chocolate cake reviews.

We really need to put together a more comprehensive source of chocolate cake reviews. But in the meantime, here are some notes on recent chocolate cake experiences I've had.

#1) Victorias (Boston).
It's the gold standard, no doubt. The only parallel, in terms of quantity at least, of which I'm aware is the Motherlode at Claim Jumpers on the west coast. Nonetheless, I've got some beef with the way the last time we went there (see edit with Chen, BDA, & PTR), they only drizzled chocolate syrup over the cake. I thought I remembered caramel syrup as well from a previous visit, but Chen couldn't confirm my suspicion. I finally located my photos from that visit and look:

Looks like caramel syrup to me. This isn't right. Make sure caramel is included with all future purchases.

#2) Shaw's Oreo Chip Chocolate Cake (Fenway):

Oh yes. This is the cake in my solo BSCC edit, and it felt like a million butterflies were massaging my mouth. With delicious chocolate. It cost $2, come on. Maybe the best value for the money in Boston. Which brings me to:

#3) K-Mart Chocolate Cake (Royal Oaks, MI):

I paid $1 for this and expected absolutely nothing. It sat in the car for a while and got really cold and I finally ate it while walking around the skate park. AND IT BLEW MY MIND. The chocolate cake was a good texture, the chocolate was noticable, and the icing was thick and delicious. The icing was also neon orange and bright green, so I'm sure I'm going to die soon, but it'll have been worth it. Moral: don't judge a cake by its glittering plastic price tag, just buy it, eat it, and everything will be roses.

#4) Value-Time Food Mart Chocolate Chip Chocolate Cake (Madison Heights, MI):

Eh, no. This cake was $3 for 12 slices of un-iced cake. It looked like it had potential, but it was boring. Not too much chocolatey flavor, the presentation is weak (cake seems to me to be the only food that's worse if you eat it with your hands), and the edges felt kind of sticky & gross. I found myself obsessing over the little, boring chocolate chips - this shouldn't happen, I don't think. I still ate all of it, but why.

#5) Sicilia's (on Comm. Ave., Boston):

I haven't eaten it yet, but there's a chocolate cake (chocolate cheesecake?) thing in the glass counter here that needs to be eaten. By us.

Sorry for the lack of photos. I'm in Sicilia's and #5 kind of got me excited. But the future is rosy, and "rosy" is code for "chocolate cake."

Bittercold nonsense

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Monday, March 2, 2009

3 for 1

Clip A Day Number Thirty-four from Bike Skate Chocolate Cake on Vimeo.

another Grimace spotting

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Late 1930's Bianchi Bicycle

For all the bicycle heads out there I just got this bicycle last week and wanted to show how strange the setup was back before World War 2. On the info I found on this time line of Bianchi bicycles its from the late 1930's. I am not doing a single thing to this bike I am keeping it as is, could be worth big money to the right collector some day.

Very strange kick stand and front crank cover

No brake cables at all

very strange brakes

Bianchi emblem

Session before IAT premiere

Clip A Day Number Thirty-three from Bike Skate Chocolate Cake on Vimeo.

stolen from rollingmission.com

find us all up in the action