Tuesday, March 3, 2009

some chocolate cake reviews.

We really need to put together a more comprehensive source of chocolate cake reviews. But in the meantime, here are some notes on recent chocolate cake experiences I've had.

#1) Victorias (Boston).
It's the gold standard, no doubt. The only parallel, in terms of quantity at least, of which I'm aware is the Motherlode at Claim Jumpers on the west coast. Nonetheless, I've got some beef with the way the last time we went there (see edit with Chen, BDA, & PTR), they only drizzled chocolate syrup over the cake. I thought I remembered caramel syrup as well from a previous visit, but Chen couldn't confirm my suspicion. I finally located my photos from that visit and look:

Looks like caramel syrup to me. This isn't right. Make sure caramel is included with all future purchases.

#2) Shaw's Oreo Chip Chocolate Cake (Fenway):

Oh yes. This is the cake in my solo BSCC edit, and it felt like a million butterflies were massaging my mouth. With delicious chocolate. It cost $2, come on. Maybe the best value for the money in Boston. Which brings me to:

#3) K-Mart Chocolate Cake (Royal Oaks, MI):

I paid $1 for this and expected absolutely nothing. It sat in the car for a while and got really cold and I finally ate it while walking around the skate park. AND IT BLEW MY MIND. The chocolate cake was a good texture, the chocolate was noticable, and the icing was thick and delicious. The icing was also neon orange and bright green, so I'm sure I'm going to die soon, but it'll have been worth it. Moral: don't judge a cake by its glittering plastic price tag, just buy it, eat it, and everything will be roses.

#4) Value-Time Food Mart Chocolate Chip Chocolate Cake (Madison Heights, MI):

Eh, no. This cake was $3 for 12 slices of un-iced cake. It looked like it had potential, but it was boring. Not too much chocolatey flavor, the presentation is weak (cake seems to me to be the only food that's worse if you eat it with your hands), and the edges felt kind of sticky & gross. I found myself obsessing over the little, boring chocolate chips - this shouldn't happen, I don't think. I still ate all of it, but why.

#5) Sicilia's (on Comm. Ave., Boston):

I haven't eaten it yet, but there's a chocolate cake (chocolate cheesecake?) thing in the glass counter here that needs to be eaten. By us.

Sorry for the lack of photos. I'm in Sicilia's and #5 kind of got me excited. But the future is rosy, and "rosy" is code for "chocolate cake."


  1. Sweet now I know where to cop the bomb chocolate cake

  2. It's about time we had chocolate cake reviews haha