Sunday, May 31, 2009

sewer fone


who needs both feet to grind

Shot a couple of pics today with my digital camera, it's not the greatest but it does the job.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

not brimming

I met up with Joe Black from Grafton, Mass at the MIT ledges and then we bladed there and the surrounding area.

Erca and J diaz met us at this spot across from the Tootsie Roll factory.

Erca jamming pole.

Ian Hutcho top porning graffitified truck.

This building used to have a decrepit wood launch that a biker did. Now it's a fun little concrete launch/wallride.

Bladed some Cambridge parks, playgrounds and schools and this was at one of them.

I noticed this new MIT spot when I was biking home.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

this says it all

Cambridge Used Bicycles has some great bumper stickers and they have also added BSCC on their links page.

yeah okay no wait "YOU KNOW YOU'RE IN THE HOOOD, RIGHT?!"

ian & i & dylan went to find these ledges. we found them, then we found other stuff. report:

in the beginning of the day i ate ice cream chocolate cake. proof:

here are the ledges ian & i were pursuing. they're in roxbury and would/will be awesome after a lot of rubbricking. we didn't have a rubbrick though, so we kept moving.

we saw this:

and we went here. this place is very simple and very perfect. i didn't know i could still slide down stair rails, but it turns out i can:

these were right near there:

then we found the good stuff. and dylan met up with us. this was in the Grove Hall neighborhood of Dorchester. i love this ledge:

me, switch pornstar

me, switch pornstar

at the same spot is this dreambaby:

dylan's butt

and this is also there, and very very perfect:

ian & dylan, grinding.

alright, that's it. "who's your daddy."

bscc report - twenty-somethingth of may, 2009

hi, how're yah.
i was hecka late, went & ate cuban food or something in roxin'dale
and then tried 2 katch up with my boiz
& did but they was arlreddy for sum kake
but met them here, where this bike was N D way
ain't this a phat stack a' krazy? check it out:

hecka locked up. note the cheap crank & that it's a fixed gear.

note the triple cog. we thought this dude was living chen's dream, but
note the absence of deraileurs. in russ's words, "i guess he just got halfway & said f*ck it."

also note & adore the sweet brake marks all around the pretty green rims.

and then, you know, bova's. i was responsible for procuring milk, and white hen closed as i walked up to it. so i bought milk & cups from my friend mr. CVS. peep game on russ's nimhs.

milk, in sundry containers.

milk, and ian.

russ, milk, nimhs, and CHOWING DOWN.

this thing gave me some CRAZY POOPS. russ didn't think i'd finish it, but i definitely finished it, no prob dog, 5 4 3 2 1 bingo. and it sure was delicious. but then i put on skates & tried to drop from a ledge to a soul on a curb, fell over backwards & bruised my hip pretty nasty. this was clearly a SIGN FROM THE GODS: do not screw with the divine sequence: bike, skate, chocolate cake. i tried to get clever and i paid the price.

that's that. from there we skated homewardish. we decided to handle some BUSINESS on the BU 1-footer c-ledge, and handle some BUSINESS WE DID. first ian crushed groove:

ian, makio.

ian, grabbed makio.

ian, another grabbed makio.

and then i wrecked shop for a while.

me, in the barrel.

me, switch true topacid.

me, true miszou.

what you can't see in my pictures is that i have to drop the biggest duece ever. it was 2 am, so finding a bathroom was enigmatic. i hurried to shaw's AND MADE IT. i powercrapped and left the bathroom to some dudebrahs. then hurried home and powercrapped some more. then showered and slimycrapped. then went to sleep. then woke up and had a little babycrap. and that was the end of that BSCC.

Monday, May 25, 2009

my p-ramp

Lately I've been mountain biking way more then rollerblading and wanted something at my house that I could mess around with. I found some wood and created a ramp type object to practice going up and down to get better at balancing on narrow logs and trails.

I had to tag the ramp

I added another board to mix it up

Sunday, May 24, 2009

the results of a very long skate day

These pictures are the results of skating for hours and then having to skate from the North End to Ian's apartment in Roxbury Crossing. I cored 4 old school senate wheels and lost a 50-50 core frame bolt.

Old school Senate wheels, I believe they were some Josh Pettys.

I think the missing bolt and screw are somewhere on Comm Ave

random picture, I represent the skate industry on my Jeep

Friday, May 22, 2009

i can skate again!

Brent & I met up to try to skate. We met up by Smokes' place & he noticed us & came skating too. We started out at his p-rail, and I could still do tricks! Rough miszou = hamstring is okay. We danced around the Washington St. area a little and came to this place, among others:

Brent, KG

Brent, Makio

Smokey, Fishbone

Smokey, AO Soul

Falling in mulch is really no fun. We skated around a little more and sickSmokes took off. Brent & I ended up at some springfest at an elementary school where there was a piece of plywood by a fence; these photos happened:

Brent, Monkeyplant

Brent, Leaving.

Me, Broyale.

The elementary school kids seemed to like it. The skateboarders looked frustrated; other kids were talking about how Brent was doing "flips." After that I got some water, nearly passed out, and Brent decided to grind this piece of suicide. It's low, you have to gap out to it, there's a drop, and you have to land between two poles on brick pavement with a gnarly curb going into a street. I wanted to tell him not to do it, but it turned out okay.

Brent, topsoul.

Then I went to the Boston Pops (Katie got free tickets). It was nuts. First there was some symphony music. Then Michael Dukakis came onstage and read something about Abe Lincoln and the horrors of tyranny. Then there was this American Idol style competition video of local high school art students, the top four of which got to play that night. But some of them went to a swine flu school, so they couldn't perform in public, so we watched a video of their performances. Three of the four groups weren't at all "classical" type musics. Then some Broadway singer got up and told us dumb anecdotes and sang songs from Mary Poppins. Then she left & a video screen dropped and we all sang along to a Sound of Music slideshow (including snippets of every song from the movie). Then the stars & stripes were projected all over Symphony Hall (grecian statues, elaborate goldwork) while corny patriotic music played. And then the stars started spinning. And then it was over. Thank you, Boston Pops?