Tuesday, May 26, 2009

yeah okay no wait "YOU KNOW YOU'RE IN THE HOOOD, RIGHT?!"

ian & i & dylan went to find these ledges. we found them, then we found other stuff. report:

in the beginning of the day i ate ice cream chocolate cake. proof:

here are the ledges ian & i were pursuing. they're in roxbury and would/will be awesome after a lot of rubbricking. we didn't have a rubbrick though, so we kept moving.

we saw this:

and we went here. this place is very simple and very perfect. i didn't know i could still slide down stair rails, but it turns out i can:

these were right near there:

then we found the good stuff. and dylan met up with us. this was in the Grove Hall neighborhood of Dorchester. i love this ledge:

me, switch pornstar

me, switch pornstar

at the same spot is this dreambaby:

dylan's butt

and this is also there, and very very perfect:

ian & dylan, grinding.

alright, that's it. "who's your daddy."

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