Monday, March 9, 2009

SPD pedals and shoes

SPD pedals are clip-less pedals that click into a specially designed cleat. I wanted to do this review for sometime now because I use SPD pedals on 3 of my bikes and there's a certain reason they're on each bike. I have them on 2 of my road bikes and a pair on my front suspension Marin mountain bike. The pedals work sort of simple, you line them up with the bracket on the bottom of the cleat and step down to lock in. To get out of the pedal you have to twist your heel away from the bike.

Using these pedals on a road bike enhances the comfort of the ride so you feel more one with the bike . These pedals work amazing on my Marin hard tail MTB bike, helping me keep speed on dirt trails and making bunny hops a cinch. On the other hand, I put a pair of these on my full suspension downhill mountain bike and I was bombing down a rocky hill and I couldn't get out of the pedals fast enough and I took a nasty spill. After the fall I swapped them out for regular platform pedals.

If this is something that you are interested in upgrading to, a lot of online bicycle shops will offer deals with shoes and pedals for a reasonable price. Overall, these pedals could be a major upgrade in a bike's performance and make riding more enjoyable.

Sidi SPD bicycle shoes

A roller blade like strap and buckle

Shimano SPD MTB pedals

Locked in

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