Wednesday, January 21, 2009

BSCC Competition In The Spring

this is what I was planning.

I was gonna have it like an alleycat race, with spots being checkpoints. Everyone would have a sheet that they have to carry with them when they ride. This sheet will be your own scorecard.

First 3 to a spot get a certain amount of points. When you get to the spot, you are allotted 3 tricks to fill your scorecard. However, it is simple scoring (1-5) scale. You can get to a spot and just do makios and souls for like 3 points, and jet to the next spot to get the extra points you get for getting to a spot first.

Spots will be spread out throughout the city, and will vary from easy to crazy. You have the option of getting to a spot and not doing any tricks. You will get the stamp that you were at the spot, but you get no points, unless you were one of the first 3 there. You must hit all checkpoints to finish the comp.

First 3 to finish the competition with all the spots get a certain amount of points. I am really close to figuring out the point system so that bike speed and skating speed play an equal role in the competition.

Also, this kind of competition style allows us to have spots in the center of the city. What happens if you get kicked out of a spot? Well, not everyone will be going to the same spots at the same time. So if we get the boot from one spot, the judge will stay there to stamp scorecards, so that you can still finish the race, but you don't get to do any tricks on that particular spot. So first to a spot has a clear advantage depending on the location/bust factor of the spot.

Winner will get a chocolate cake...among other prizes from whatever sponsors i might be able to find.

Sound interesting? Let me know in this thread if you're interested so i know if its even worth while to do this. The main problem is getting enough judges (4-5) to sit at each spot and wait for people to show up. :/

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