Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Saturday Session: Bittercold Biking

I met up with Tom, Blong, and Mark on Saturday afternoon for some bike, skate, chocolate cake action. I arrived first with my leg half frozen because I had my pant leg rolled up.

So I decided to snap some pics of my setups :)

Tom arrives shortly after I do. He is obviously better prepared than I am with his layer of sweatpants under his pants...good thinkin.

Gettin ready to roll

Brian and Mark had to take the T to the spot cuz Mark doesn't have a bike yet. I don't know what the hell happened, but I had a ton of issues with my camera. First I notice this smudge on my lens that I can't seem to clean off, so you can see it in all the pictures. Then after less than 5 minutes of use, the battery dies...I blame it on the cold.

Here are the only pics I got from the session. Please pardon my shitty camera skills.

Blong - Top Acid

Blong- Top Acid 2

Mark - Tru Miz

Mark, Tom, and Blong laced the hell outa this spot. This was pretty much the only spot we hit up. We went over to Heavens but that shit was iced over. We spent some time on the Newbury rail where Mark got down with some serious tricks to warm up. Few minutes later we called it a day. Me and Tom decided to hit up Trident to grab some chocolate cake to end the session.

Tom's cake and soy milk

So Trident now has a new chocolate cake. Their new cake is a lot thicker and richer than the old one; less sponge cake and more chocolate thickness...yummm. Overall the cake was pretty good, but got super filling towards the end. We really slowed down before we could finish off the last few bites of the cake. Took me 2 tall glasses of milk to get through it all.

All in all, the session was good, and the new cake at Trident was a pleasant surprise. Only downside was the 5 mile ride home in what felt like negative degree temperature.


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  1. man thats alot of cake to eat and then have to ride a bike you guys are the real athletes