Monday, February 9, 2009

My Sunday in Boston

I went into Boston yesterday with doo rag Dave to meet up with Ian Hutcho, Matt Ragone Bones, Remo , Kev Phan and whoever else that was skating the city. My hopes were high on skating some great spots but even the good spots still had a lot of snow. Started off skating block ledges, rocking out some lines. Then we skated to Eggs but it was buried in snow and super wet.

Then the adventure started, we skated over the bridge towards the Cambridge Galleria to find some indoor ledge in a parking garage. We enter this parking garage and skated some amazing ledge which ended up being a great spot. From there we skated forever to Anna's over at M.I.T. While on the way to Anna's we sat down and checked out some new ledges and I noticed my frame was cracked on my right skate. I've been skating Ground Controls for about 4 years and never had a problem. Thankfully I have an extra pair kicking around that I can use.


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