Wednesday, February 4, 2009

My custom single speed

One day my dad and I were talking about building a custom bike from the ground up. I work for a powder coating company so I could custom paint the frame, fork, and other parts of the bike. We both deal with bikes as a hobby so we have a big collection of bicycles to choose from.

This one bike was given to us from a friend and I wish I had pics of it before I ripped it apart. Everything was rusted and the frame was spray painted black with custom brush designs, this thing was a nightmare. It was a 1980's Phillips road bike with horizontal drops which made it ideal for a single speed or a fixed gear.

As I ripped the frame apart the only thing worth any value was a set of Shimano 600 clip-less pedals. I wanted to paint this bike some funky color like Ferrari yellow but I saw a single speed on Craigslist that was all black. I loved the look so I went with a flat black finish. I hope to have this bike done for the BSCC Comp and who knows maybe I will build a custom BSCC bike haha.

I started sanding the frame but it was pointless

took the lazy way out and chemically stripped the frame

powder coated flat black

painted frame, fork, and polished front brake

Now it's time to order parts and start to put this bad boy together.


  1. sweet bruv. i particularly liked the part where you said "maybe I will build a custom BSCC bike haha." do you know what you're going to do with it - single speed or fixed? you should bring a bike into the city sometime, we should BSCC.

  2. I think I am going to do a fixed gear with this one. I want to see how long it takes and how smooth it goes. But yes I will build a BSCC one. Brown and White paint? I want to BSCC very soon just need a bag to fit my skates.