Thursday, February 26, 2009

Fenway Snowlerblading

Clip A Day Number Thirty from Bike Skate Chocolate Cake on Vimeo.

Tom Ferrante was walking by Fenway Park and found this snow bank that bikers had converted into a launch ramp. Tom, Ben Price, and I added a rail to make things more interesting.

For the first time ever I will be able to attend the Bittercold Showdown without school interfering since I graduated in May! Ben Price, Kevin Phan, Dylan Shippee, Timbo Kelly, Eric Woods, and I will hopefully be documenting the journey.

LMAO. Stolen from


  1. that thing looks totally so un-scary here

    bcsdrive tonight!

  2. Yeah it still looks fun though and viewers out there may not be able to tell but it was hecka cold!

    We are also staying at the Hampton by the way.