Sunday, February 8, 2009

BSCC Report - Feb. 7

this is an adventure in photojournalism, maybe.
an adventure in bad photojournalism.

about everyone imaginable skated today
and i got excited & forgot to do much documentation for a while
but here's what i got.

first i met ian & rode to windy's to meet tom & chen.
and brent was randomly there on his runch rake!
group photo:

then it was time to ride to the bridge ledge spot & meet andy.
we'd laft at this guy through the window at windy's, and then we passed him.
he has a crazy snaggletooth and this is a still from video:

almost everyone in the world showed up under the bridge.
i swear to god i saw pope john paul, and he's dead, so that's nuts.
i waited until it was too dark to take photos of skating, but here're these.
jamie murrett and tom ferrante (who was 360ing into this (though i think this one's alley-oop):

mr. blueskates, chris piascik. short one "nano-nano":

from the bridge ledge everyone got confused about where to go next
some people left, some people probably just ended up at other spots by accident
we ended up at bu ledges, which were soaked. chen skated a tall sharp 4-stair indoor handrail with a dick. i took no photos. as soon as everyone got to the benches we left for this place.
chen goes "if i don't get this this try [his 3rd try] i'm never skating these skates again."
alley-oop topporn:

the conclusion on these skates is that they're way too rigid & hurt your feet when you land. they made it into a garbage bin at some point, but like all good industrial waste, they made their way back out.
chen & solos:

julio crushed groove on this thing too, until security came out and told us we had to stop partying.
alley-oop fish:

then we headed for the iced-over green rail, but tom & i saw a stack of plywood & crates in a parking garage on the way there. we lost a few more people by stopping here but it was worth it. we built a little ramp to this flat drop rail, which wiggles a little at the beginning.
chen makio, chillin & dillin on snaps:

dylan did a good thing on a really makeshift pile of plywood & tom got a snap:

this guy's responsible for the blown-out-ness of dylan's foto. what a dick:

last trick there. tom & i built a little bank to gap.
mute 180:

and me, straight air first over dylan, then over chen:

that was that for skating. i like this picture too. chen looking a little irish:

chen was wheelying:

then tom found some crazy ice:

which ian abominable-snowman-kicked out of existence:

and then everyone threw ice around for about half an hour:

and then went to u-burger. i brought "chocolate cake" from 7-eleven across the street.
day complete:

after this we had a sort of board meeting for the BSCC competition. we've got spots figured out & probably tweaked the structure a little. we should have some really good prizes, too. more soon.

the end! (hopefully an edit soon.)


  1. haha excellent pic!

    I'd like to start the Connecticut chapter,
    cars blades lemonade.

  2. haha
    but no.
    you can be the montagues to our capulets,
    the sharks to our jets,
    but coalitions be damned.