Sunday, October 4, 2009

some more random pictures

So this weekend I had a lot of free time due to the weather sucking but anyways I have some random pictures I wanted to share.

BS unity at gone baby

this thing is pretty dangerous

Motobecane Grand Jubilee Sport, the best of the best

an OG's bicycle


  1. hey russ what's the deal with that cruiser? my girlfriend wants one but doesn't want to spend a big pile of money; that thing looks pretty clean...

    oh and hey are you living in newport RI now? i'm in cranston, we should...

  2. Ross Anthony lives in Newport, RI now.

  3. oh. condolences to him, congratulations to newport.

  4. Ben I come across those all the time just let me know when you want one I can stash it aside for you. I dont live in RI still up in Lowell