Monday, October 19, 2009

Lowell's 1st BSCC

Today, the 1st ever BSCC in Lowell went down. Timbo Slice and I road our 2 wheelers around downtown Lowell and other places skating random things. We bladed the wonderful b-ball ledge and the b-ball hoops are now up which makes the ledge a little bit more interesting to skate. They also added 4 plastic benches which are a blast for lines. After skating a few other dick around spots we decided to call it a day and started searching for a bakery for some cake. At the time of the day, no bakeries were open so I hit up the local corner store for some amazing Little Debbie Zebra Cakes, they hit the spot.

my gear

Timbo Slice and his gear

some new benches

some rocks

a tight squeeze

a random planter we bladed

our choice of cake for the day hahaha


  1. heckyes!
    though that is definitely not chocolate cake.
    have you seen the chocolate zebra cakes?

  2. yeah I know its not offical unless its the chocolate cake but it was a last minute idea hahah I have seen the chocolate zebra cakes before.