Wednesday, April 15, 2009


dudes met up with dudes met up with dudes in providence on easter. we did this we did that dylan and tom dropped in on this crazy vert ledge roll in to strange gap. photo #1.

i kind of like this one better.

photo #tom.

as seen in Laced Zine.

a BU team won a lil something something and there was some kind of mob/rally while i was in class. when class let out i went downstairs and somebody had been inspired to buy cake for the entire student body. i've discussed the cake with others and they've confirmed my sentiment that the cake was surprisingly good, for a giant cake being fed to the masses. it was moist & chocolatey, with thick white icing. and free. i ate it too fast to remember to get a photo of the cake itself, but here's my plate.

ian got a new bike,
a cadillac.

ian & i found this rail. it's low and good and we grinded it. was it covered? it may have been covered.


and here's a picture of a cat in a bathtub.

one luv,
brooklyn represent,
i'm out,
it's ya boy,
i mean pieace,
or whatever,

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