Sunday, April 19, 2009

19 april bike skate chocolate cake

we started at a street corner where ian & ptr got booted
apparently their wall cost $50,000
and we can't skate $50,000 walls.
so we skated across the street
and i beat ptr at skate
and then we went to northeastern curve ledge, where we met tom
though we stopped at MFA on the way and ptr did this:

we got to skate the curve ledge for a while:

but then some kids group swarmed it like bees:

and we lost ptr and rode to some spot in south boston that was fun and looked like this:

after that we went spot hunting and ended up at a stadium with a really high, gritty drop ledge
and a gravel landing
tom thought he should royale it
and i thought i should photograph it
so we did that:

and then we went to victoria's for cake!

the end.

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