Monday, July 18, 2011

Morse-Kelley Playground Somerville, MA ground now broken!

A groundbreaking ceremony occurred July 13, 2011 at Morse-Kelley Playground on Craigie Street in Somerville, MA. The renovation (which includes a skating area) could be complete by November 2011, Spring 2012 at the latest.


  1. There's still gates around the both the entrances,that people have torn away.The set up of the park doesn't even make any sense,they needed "Real" skaters/riders to help plan it out.There's absolutely no flow to the park at all,they just placed items all over the place.Somerville dropped the ball on this one and hyped it up for nothing.I was extremely psyched about this,like so many other skaters/riders were;just to be let down in the end..

  2. At least something got built,not like the so called "Boston Skate Park",that was suppose to be built in 06'.This park feels like Somerville was trying to one up Boston and say here's our park.I agree they totally dropped the ball on this one.

    nice one Sville