Monday, June 6, 2011

R.I.P Fixie

Two weeks ago I had a minor issue with my fixed gear bicycle while cruising around 20mph. My headset became loose which gave some play in the fork. This happened so quick, I had to ditch the bike as fast as possible. As the bicycle jerked away from me I jumped off and watched the bike fly into a huge curb then flip into a fence. A few days ago I decided to check out the damage and after seeing the powder-coat finish crack on the top tube I was very concerned. After disassembling the headset, the fork, and the handlebars I found that the steerer tube of the fork was bent and bent bad. My other concern is the front end since the fork absorbed the impact, the front end of the frame could be tweaked and never ride properly again. So at this moment I am going to retire this fixed gear bicycle until further notice. It was a great 3 years of riding.

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