Saturday, May 15, 2010

Lowell Kids getting wild in Beantown

It was an epic day of laughs, falls, bicycle collisions and a dude playing an awesome musical instrument. Timbo Slice, Joey 2 Nuts and myself shredded Boston with a mission to get buck.

Ru$$ - soul to 180 over some rocks at an exclusive spot near fight ledge

Timbo - ledge to rough top porn at MIT

Timbo - Cessal Slide at MIT

My fellow bikers/bladers

Joey 2 Nuts and Donal Heller from "The Hurdy-Gurdy Band", this dude was playing some nice Irish folk music with his unique instrument.

This is the result of dumping a road bike at 15mph, at least he lives to skate another day.

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  1. some illl shit went down wish i bladed bean, i planned to goto Gabe's box jam/bbq but i ended up not havin a ride and just bladed malden it was too late to go into bean