Thursday, January 7, 2010

where the magic happens

2010 is here and I am starting it off with a bang. I'm in the process of completing my 2nd project, project Fuzz, just have a few things to order then I can start putting it back together. Today I started project #3 and made some great progress. I took a steel Raleigh Grand Prix frame and grinded off all the cable guides. I ended up putting a small hole in the frame but thankfully I know how to weld. After welding the hole and filling it in, I was able to start the sanding process on #3. I still don't know what sort of paint job #3 will get but it will be one of kind.

project fuzz in the works, #3 in the sanding process, and my 1st build ever up against the wall

this is my guard dog, she guards the bikes


  1. yo russ do u sell bikes? cuz im looking for 1 for the summer

  2. keith I do sell bikes just let me know your height and I will stash one for you till summer